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I am providing my Google Apps Domain users content via Google Sites.

Furthermore I have 3rd party content which I would like to integrate. This content needs to be secure and available only to the Google Apps Domain users.

I have implemented openid which authenticates that the users are from my domain. I consider the users to be "stupid" so I wish to avoid any access request pages, which also makes my site look rather unprofessional / unpolished.

I can see the security setting under my personal account here:


Is there anything in the SDK which will allow me upon user creation to add the necessary account permissions?

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Hypothetically if you can host your 3rd party content on Google app Engine (GAE) and all your users reside in your Google Apps Domain it is possible to set Authentication Type to "Google apps Domain" More about GAE authentication can be found here

Do not forget to deploy GAE under same Google apps Domain account

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Authorization protocols like OpenID and OAuth have been deliberately designed to require explicit user confirmation of access privileges. Any mechanism that bypassed user intervention would effectively be a security exploit. I'd recommend you save yourself time and frustration by accepting that you're not going to get around that interstitial authorization page.

For better or worse, scope authorization pages have become a well-established part of the modern web application landscape. Users these days routinely confirm authorization dialogs for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter access without batting an eyelash. Your less savvy users may not recognize it as such, but using existing security mechanisms is a sign of greater professionalism than rolling your own.